Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Cummings in The Bride Wore Boots, 1946

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Barbara Stanwyck being adorable in The Mad Miss Manton, 1938

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The Songs of Gold Diggers of 1933

What’s the show about? It’s all about the Depression. 

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Bette Davis in Jezebel, 1938

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Doris Day & Kitty Kallen in Central Park, 1947

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David Niven

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIVIAN ROBERTA JONES! | July 26th, 1909 - August 17th, 1979

"Noone could take the place of Vivian Vance in my life. She was the greatest partner anyone could ever have."  - Lucille Ball

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When they were in Indianapolis shooting To Please a Lady, Barbara’s business manager called her to ask what type of accommodation she would require. She told him she needed a bedroom and bath for herself, and the same for Harriet (her personal maid and friend), with a sitting room between. The business manager explained that Gable had requested that they stay in the best hotel in town, where blacks were not welcome. Barbara remained adamant. She wanted Harriet near her and requested that the business manager make the necessary arrangements. Later that day the director of the film, Clarence Brown, called Barbara to ensure her that Harriet would stay in the best “coloured” hotel in Indianapolis. The ever determined Barbara told him, “I’ll tell you what you can do to solve the whole thing. You make a reservation at the best coloured hotel in Indianapolis for two bedrooms and baths and a sitting room between, and that is where I’ll stay with Harriet. “Oh, Barbara, you can’t do that,” Brown protested. “The hell I can’t,” she said forcefully and hung up. As far as she was concerned the subject was closed. When they reached Indianapolis, she and Harriet both stayed at the best hotel in the city with Gable and the rest of the cast. 

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Top Hat (1935)
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my life is a joke and i’m not laughing anymore

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Joan Fontaine as Lina McLaidlaw in Suspicion (1941)

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Baby Face (1933)

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Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck photographed for The Mad Miss Manton, 1938

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Barbara’s a sharer. She doesn’t get any bang out of life if she can’t give something to somebody. Once, back in New York, a woman with a new baby sent her a note. She was hard up and she wanted to know if Barbara would help her get a baby carriage. That was all she wanted. What she got was the carriage and everything that went with it, the whole layette of baby clothes and equipment. On top of that, Barbara called up a dairy and arranged for that kid to have an order of milk every day for a year. She never met the woman or saw the baby. And that was before Barbara hit it big in Hollywood.
Sometimes she’s just sitting reading and she spots a hard luck item in the paper. “Here, Buck - take care of it.” “Look,” I’ll argue. “You aren’t the U.S mint; you aren’t Rockefeller. You’ll get broke. That makes her mad. “Take it out of the book. What’s the book for?” The Book is cash for household expenses. It takes an awful beating most of the time, because the Queen cares about folks who aren’t getting the breaks.
- Uncle Buck

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Your blog is THE prettiest blog ever!
- whipcrackaway

omg thank you so much for this kind message <3

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